Monday, December 3, 2007

Reason #5 - Smoking Causes Yellow Teeth

If ever a picture said a thousand words, this is it. It's a proven fact that smoking will turn your teeth yellow over time.

What's worse, according to, "smoking increases the risk and severity of gum recession and gum disease leading to tooth and bone loss. Tooth loss in smokers occurs at a rate of 2.9 teeth every 10 years for men and 1.5 teeth every 10 years for women (two times the rate of tooth loss in nonsmokers).

If you start smoking at age 18 and smoke a pack a day,
you could lose four to five teeth by the time you are 35!"

So, go ahead, puff away. I'm sure the gap teeth/missing teeth/yellow teeth look will come back into style some day...

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Anonymous said...

my mother USED to smoke and she STILL has yellow teeth