Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reason #10 - Smoking Has Killed Too Many Wonderful People

When Paul Newman died back in September, I was reminded of just how many wonderful and talented people have died either directly or indirectly because of smoking. Take a look at all of these people whose lives were cut way too short:

  1. Paul Newman - A chain smoker most of his life died of lung cancer
  2. Babe Ruth - Died of oral cancer at the young age of 53
  3. Spencer Tracy - Lung Congestion which led to a heart attack at only 66 years of age
  4. Desi Arnaz - A life-long smoker - Died of lung cancer at age of 69
  5. Humphrey Bogart - Died of cancer of the esophagus at only 57 years old
  6. Nat King Cole - Died of lung cancer at only 45 years old
  7. Sammy Davis, Jr. - Died of throat cancer at only 64 years of age
  8. Michael Landon - Died of pancreatic and liver cancer at only 54 - smoked 4 packs a day
This is just small list. The list could go on and on. None of us are perfect. We all have bad habits. But, if you choose to smoke, the chance that you'll experience a very painful and most of the time, very long death are very real. Stop now. It's never too late to stop....unless it's too late like it was for the unfortunate people above.

Good luck and I hope you choose to stop today.