Thursday, September 6, 2007

Reason #2: Smokers Litter

I don't know about you, but I can't stand it when I pull up to a busy intersection, and the roadside looks like a big ashtray. The misconception that smokers have is that cigarette butts will decompose and won't harm the environment. Wrong! Read this article to find out why...

If you must smoke, put your butts in the ashtray not on the ground. Thanks!

<== Does this look good to anyone?


Anonymous said...

I can see your point vividly in that photo... but how about you do a satire on gum chewers... I hate gum chewers 'cause they look like a bunch of cows chewing the cud... and they litter as well.... next time you walk into a store entrance at a mall or grocery, look on the ground... its like it has been paved with gum. Must be them damn X-smokers trained to litter with cigarette butts, but now with old gum... I guess they just cannot break that nasty habit of littering. Oh, and By the way, Rehab is for quitters.

Anonymous said...

Okay Anon.. then it must be okay for smokers to litter but not for every other kind of litter including gum littering.

At least Gum chewing wont get you cancer as fast as Smoking will.

BTW smoking stinks. Enjoy the Cancer when you get it.